January 13, 2017 Cheetah Solver plugin for AutoCAD R.1.0, Update 3, is launched! You can dow...

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Cloud Invent - Our Story

Our Story

Cheetah Solver

Nowadays the development of more and more sophisticated machines and constructions is not possible without computer aided design (CAD) software. But the development of CAD drops behind the demands of manufacturing.

The decade from late 80’s to late 90’s was a revolutionary period for the CAD industry. This revolution was initiated by Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) that introduced parametric feature-based approach to solid modeling, which became de facto the standard for the industry. But the last decade was the years of stagnation in the CAD industry. It was the time the industry was waiting for big game-changing technologies and product to come.

Cloud Invent goes to the market with such ground-breaking technology – Cheetah Solver, which allows resolving constrained geometric models containing hundreds of thousands of constraints (solvers of the leading CAD vendors are able to resolve only about some hundreds of constraints). This is our main technological pillar - none of our competitors have a geometric modeling technology that is even close to what we have.

Another technological pillar, Cloud Invent is rested on, is the cloud computing, which is supposed to become the mainstream of the software development for the next decades. While main CAD vendors are hesitating whether there are enough reasons to move to the cloud, we are ready to jump now into this new brave world.

One of the main bottlenecks of the traditional CAD software is the parallelization of computations in order to use, on one hand, functionality of modern multi-core processors, and, on the other hand, advantages of distributed computing in a cloud environment. The situation with Cheetah solver is the opposite – it is ideal for parallelization, and cloud environment is the perfect place for its race.

Cheetah might be a driving force for transition of the CAD industry to such a cloud platforms as Windows Azure of Microsoft, or Amazon Web Services (or some other cloud platforms). Cheetah not only uses the full power of multi-core processors, but can offer cloud environment to any CAD user as his personal super-computer (with unlimited power) and do it on the basis of a much more attractive price model than the traditional per-workplace licensing.

Cloud Invent - Our Company & Our Vision

Cloud Invent & New CAD Revolution

Read more about our company and about our vision of the New CAD Revolution.

Cloud Invent - Problem & Our Story

Problem & Our Solution

Please, read the following whitepaper

"CAD user's pain and our response to it"

for more details on what problems experience users of modern CAD software and what solutions can we propose to these problems.

Cheetah Solver plugin - R.1.0 Update 2


If you downloaded Update3 of Cheetah plugin for AutoCAD and didn't receive e-mail with serial number, please, send us e-mail to the address:

We'll send you the serial number for activation ASAP!